I Asked Him About the Best Part of His Service–“Everybody Looked Out for Each Other.”

We went into the basement and he broke out old boxes and uniforms. As he went through them with me, he talked.

“The Distance Between You Grows”—the Many Difficult Truths of Military Family Homecomings

Back-to-back deployments and explosions were “a recipe for disaster,” writes a military spouse. “For my family, reintegration lasted years.”
Two Afghan boys play outside a local shura meeting in Shah Wali Kot District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of the author.

An Afghan Boy Saved Lives Helping American Soldiers. It Could Have Cost Him His.

We began to hope that Bashir was the first of many young Afghans to see the benefits of supporting the coalition and the Afghan government by extension.

Ignore The Awful Times, And Concentrate On The Good Ones

Michael Penney ran through the halls of his high school when 9/11 first happened. On the tenth anniversary he ran through fields and canals in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

You Don’t Know, and I Don’t Wanna Tell Ya

Civilians are always asking what war is like. Dustin Jones wonders what to tell them about his deployment, or if he even should.

The Newest Military Branch—the Space Force

Despite a bumpy launch, the Space Force seeks to modernize U.S. defense in outer space.
Soldiers who died together in Egypt during World War II fighting in North Africa in what is seen as one of the most decisive battles of the war. Photo courtesy of the author.

A Global Crossroads of Military History Buried in an Egyptian Desert

Egypt’s deserts have long demanded the attention of men like my husband, working in the name of Western governments locked in power competition.
Sonner Kehrt on Healy’s flying bridge, far above the Arctic Circle. Photo courtesy of author.

Becoming a Lobster and Surviving the Monotony of a Coast Guard Deployment to the Arctic Circle

When the Covid-19 lockdowns began, a Coast Guard officer reflected on her military deployment to the Arctic Circle and the familiar feeling of isolation.

“Big Bombs. Boom.”—a Pistol, the Smart Girl, and a Tragedy

Michael Carson talked philosophy and tragedy in a Mosul coffee shop. Back in the U.S. he’s still asking questions for which there are no answers.