She Needs a Background Check and a Day Pass to Visit Her Father’s Grave, Part 1

Kelly McHugh-Stewart lost her military ID when she turned 21, and in turn, the ability to easily visit her father’s grave at Fort Leavenworth.
Trainees check their cell phones and update family members at the Solomon Center on Fort Jackson in 2017. Photo by Robert Timmons, courtesy of the U.S. Army.

All Warfare Is Based on Deception—Troops, Vets Targeted by Disinformation Can Fight Back

While the military is targeted by disinformation campaigns, its experience also positions service members to lead the way to fight back against them.
An Iraqi man out on patrol with U.S. soldiers takes a break beneath a bridge. Photo by Nathan S. Webster.

A Journalist’s Favorite Image Mirrors a  Loss

A journalist learns of death that paralleled the moment he took his favorite picture.
Lyman Abbott's Order to Report Letter from the U.S. Army, 1940.

My Father Died Over 60 Years Ago. I Feel That I‘m Just Now Meeting Him

His father served in World War II and remade his life, one that a son is finally discovering.

As Afghan War Nears its End, a Marine’s Guilt Intensifies

“My mind won’t let go,” writes a Marine veteran of Afghanistan. “The farther I get from those days, the heavier my guilt.”
Thae Ohu stands on a railroad track during Dec. 2018. Courtesy of Michael Hinesley.Courtesy of Michael Hinesley.

Gag Order: How Marine Corps Culture Silenced a Victim of Sexual Assault

A rape victim asked the military for help. Then her fellow Marines turned against her. Now she’s battling mental illness and an attempted murder charge.

Zero Tolerance: The Defense Department’s Decades-Long Failure To End Sex Crimes In Uniform

Scandal after scandal, sexual predators in the military continue to harass and assault with impunity. Military brass pay lip service to eradicating the problem. Explore how the Defense Department has skirted accountability for nearly 40 years.
Army Spc. Michael Flores visits an Iraqi souvenir vendor. Photo courtesy of the author.

I Was a Shitbag. Now, I Help Carry Others Through Their Darkness.

Two months later, he thanks me for listening, for still being Doc. I took care of them over there, I can take care of them back home, I tell myself.

Like Roses And Mustard Gas

Gerardo Mena left active duty with the Navy ten years ago. Friends died at war overseas and continue to die at home by suicide. On the 15th anniversary of 9/11, he recalls a eulogy for a friend.