Thae Ohu stands on a railroad track during Dec. 2018. Courtesy of Michael Hinesley.Courtesy of Michael Hinesley.

Gag Order: How Marine Corps Culture Silenced a Victim of Sexual Assault

A rape victim asked the military for help. Then her fellow Marines turned against her. Now she’s battling mental illness and an attempted murder charge.

Learning the Power of Connection and Companionship

David Chrisinger grapples with his guilt about not having served and draws on his own experience of feeling powerless to connect with a friend who did.

Letters To My Country That She Will Never Read, Part 2

Drew Pham writes about his experiences going to war as a migrant after September 11th in this four part series for The War House. This is 2 of 4.
Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough, and former Sen. Elizabeth Dole arrive at an event celebrating children of military and veteran caregiving families in the East Room of the White House, Nov. 10. Photo by Air Force Sgt. Jack Sanders, courtesy of the Defense Department.

While Americans See an End to 20 Years of War, VA’s Job Has Just Begun

Veterans have immediate, life-or-death needs and want better care. They want it for yesterday’s veterans, too.
Toward the end of another long day, Mike, a Team Rubicon security adviser and retired Army Special Forces officer, listens to music with a teenager at an orphanage in Lviv. They sit together as if they’ve known each other for years. In Ukraine, myriad aspects of the human experience are on display. But through the trauma, fear, and grief threads a natural gravitation toward bonding with others: in the bomb shelters, in the food lines, in the streets, and in the homes. Everywhere. Mike asked that his last name not be used for security reasons.

They Want to Know the World Cares and That They Are Not Alone

The Ukrainian people were grateful for us, and that gratitude made us feel small and humbled.

Photographing Innocence Amidst The Chaos And Silence Of War

Dan Bellis' memories from war swirl among the grains of sand he shared with civilians. He describes his wordless interaction with Afghan children.

I’ve Never Looked More Dignified on a Hike

After Sweden enacted gender-neutral conscription in early 2018, Teresa Fazio traveled there to ask how it works and what the U.S. can learn.

“A Crisis of Confidence”—After Decades of Failures, VA Sec  Seeks “Game-changers”

“I’m not asking anybody to believe me on anything,” the VA secretary says. “I’m saying I’m here to be held accountable.”
Army Spc. Michael Flores visits an Iraqi souvenir vendor. Photo courtesy of the author.

I Was a Shitbag. Now, I Help Carry Others Through Their Darkness.

Two months later, he thanks me for listening, for still being Doc. I took care of them over there, I can take care of them back home, I tell myself.