Running for My Life

How a high-functioning facade masked a critical bout of depression for a former Army sergeant. 

First Lieutenant Harry Whitlockin a HMMWV near Tallil Air Base, Iraq, March 1991.

Anger Management

A former medical platoon leader spent years resenting his commander, until he realized what his pent-up rage truly meant.

No Really, How Are You Doing?

A Marine Corps officer’s story of pain, Stress, and a call to action to start honest conversations about mental health

Rage and the Manger

Back from a deployment and triggered by the mundane, a former infantry officer discovers his unprovoked rage. 

Capt. Dave Kenney, Headquarter Support Battalion platoon leader (right), 1-37 Field Artillery, prepares to send a squad in to clear the objective during a training exercise at Forward Operating Base Endurance. Mosul, Sept. 9, 2004. Photo courtesy of Staff Sergeant Gretel Weiskopf

The Stories I Share

A former Army photojournalist and combat medic grapples with how much people should know about war.

Ia Drang Valley Battle

A Long-Awaited Reunion

An older incarcerated veteran gets a visit from a former combat infantryman that he served with in Vietnam.

From One Battle to Another

A gunnery sergeant grapples with his love of deployments during a time when his family needs him at home.

The Death of Invincibility

A Marine officer reflects on his youthful fearlessness—and its end.

When the Stress of Combat Hits You … in a High School Classroom

A former infantry officer realized the impact of war lingers longer than he’d thought.