Heidi Agostini embedded with the Regimental Combat Team 7 Female Engagement Team during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2010. Marjah, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of Sgt. Megan Sindelar

Why Isn’t Infertility in Military Women a Bigger Conversation?

For female service members, putting off children and career advancement are linked. Yet, research shows that military women are at a higher risk of infertility. What is the Defense Department doing about this dilemma?

No Really, How Are You Doing?

A Marine Corps officer’s story of pain, stress, and a call to action to start honest conversations about mental health

December 21 and What Came After

A reporter’s journey through war, trauma and healing

Lyman Abbott's Order to Report Letter from the U.S. Army, 1940.

My Father Died Over 60 Years Ago. I Feel That I‘m Just Now Meeting Him

His father served in World War II and remade his life, one that a son is finally discovering.

The Two Hundred and Fiftieth

Joanna Guldin-Noll, a fellow of the War Horse’s 2018 Writing Seminar for Military Spouses, reflects on losing a student to gun violence as a former teacher.

Carry Me Home

In the VA’s emergency room, Molly Pearl and her husband made the imperceptible shift between soldier and patient, wife and caregiver.

The author, Jackie Munn, and her husband celebrate their wedding. Courtesy of Visionari Photography

Line of Departure

Jackie Munn and her husband quietly said their last goodbyes before she boarded the C-17 headed to Afghanistan and her Cultural Support Team assignment.

She Needs a Background Check and a Day Pass to Visit Her Father’s Grave, Part 2

Kelly McHugh-Stewart picked up her ritual black coffee and red carnations, one for each member of her growing family, to lay at her father’s gravesite.

She Needs a Background Check and a Day Pass to Visit Her Father’s Grave, Part 1

Kelly McHugh-Stewart lost her military ID when she turned 21, and in turn, the ability to easily visit her father’s grave at Fort Leavenworth.