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Navy LT Stephen Thompson, the author’s son, in Afghanistan, 2013. Photo courtesy Sarah Colby

When It’s Hard to Be Mom

It was one thing to be a military spouse during peacetime. It was quite another to have a spouse and eventually a child serve during a war.

Time Stood Still That Morning on Parris Island

Joy Craig walked into the base’s coffee shop and found people huddled around the TV. Then the second plane hit.

She Couldn’t Imagine The Fear. She Could Imagine Walking Barefoot, Carrying Her Heels

Annie Erling felt like an interloper when she worked at the Holocaust Museum and again at the 9/11 Museum. Then she came upon a pair of bloodied heels.

Talking With a 9/11 Witness Helped Him Connect With History

David Chrisinger wondered if he was intruding on sacred ground when he visited the museum at Ground Zero. A conversation with a witness changed that.

She Awoke to a Different World

Jenny Pacanowski burst with love of country when the planes hit, and that day awoke in her a new era of her life filled with compassion and rage.

Fate In What I Cannot Fear

Nate Eckman believed he remembered the events of 9/11 correctly. He was wrong. A teacher from his past helped him realize the flaws in his own memories.

Farewell, Hello, Farewell, Hello.

David Palacio wanted to defeat the enemy so he joined the Marine Corps after the 9/11 attacks. Six combat deployments later, the endless war continues on.

When Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt

Following 9/11, Matthew Hefti left college to serve in the Air Force. Hefti reflects on his promises to remember and all the things he chooses to forget.

Trapped in the Amber of this Moment

David Chrisinger felt the urge to serve his country in the Marines during the Iraq War. He reflects on his choices on the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.