Hoppin chatting with cadets at the Air Force Academy before a Board of Visitors meeting.

Forced Pivots

How the founder of the National Military Spouse Network reignited her career after years out of the workforce

Gridlock Gets You Killed

As traffic slowed to a stop and the color drained from his face, Liesel Kershul began to see that Tom had changed. Then he tried to kill her in his sleep.

She Lies Awake, Praying The “Widow Maker” Will Land Safely Tonight

Liesel Kershul used to worry about her Marine pilot husband only when he deployed. Now, with flight hours down and aircraft crashes up, she worries about him when he goes to work.

Less Than a Year After 9/11, She Fell in Love With a Marine

Liesel Kershul and her now-husband had been together only a few months when he was ordered to deploy. In their 15 years together, they’ve known only war.