“Pulling the Crazy Card”—Choosing to Show Empathy for a Suicidal Sailor

Thibaut Delloue rushed a suicidal sailor to shore after he asked for help on deployment only to see his shipmate ostracized and labeled a malinger.

The Army Medic in the Hole

“I can’t believe this is how I’m going to die,” thought an Army medic after falling down a well. “We’re in the middle of nowhere. No one is going to rescue us.”

A Lesser-Known Group At Risk of Suicide—Children of Servicemembers

Military kids can suffer from emotional stressors that left unaddressed can increase their risk of taking their own lives.

No Really, How Are You Doing? Asking Important Questions About Military Suicide

A Marine Corps officer’s story of pain, stress, and a call to action to start honest conversations about mental health

Answering the Call for Veterans and Military Families ‘Suffering in Silence’

Vets4Warriors, a mostly donations-based phone support program, seeks to end the stigma of vets getting help and the shame of asking for it.

Military Suicide a Different Kind of Plague

After two men from the same unit killed themselves, maddening questions about life take their place for those who remain.

My Battle Buddy Was Always Smiling Before Losing His War to Suicide

J.P. Lawrence thought he knew his happy-go-lucky friend from deployment until he learned that Belland had struggled with addiction and died by overdose.

Hold My Housing Until I’m Ok—”I Don’t Trust Myself”

David Chrisinger learned to treat a writer’s words with the proper care before publication after a student veteran was pushed to the brink of suicide.