Rage and the Manger

Back from a deployment and triggered by the mundane, a former infantry officer discovers his unprovoked rage. 

Capt. Dave Kenney, Headquarter Support Battalion platoon leader (right), 1-37 Field Artillery, prepares to send a squad in to clear the objective during a training exercise at Forward Operating Base Endurance. Mosul, Sept. 9, 2004. Photo courtesy of Staff Sergeant Gretel Weiskopf

The Stories I Share

A former Army photojournalist and combat medic grapples with how much people should know about war.

Ia Drang Valley Battle

A Long-Awaited Reunion

An older incarcerated veteran gets a visit from a former combat infantryman that he served with in Vietnam.

From One Battle to Another

A gunnery sergeant grapples with his love of deployments during a time when his family needs him at home.

So Much Left to Tell

A former Army soldier grapples with an unresolved confessional to her late mother.

When the Stress of Combat Hits You … in a High School Classroom

A former infantry officer realized the impact of war lingers longer than he’d thought.

The Two Hundred and Fiftieth

Joanna Guldin-Noll, a fellow of the War Horse’s 2018 Writing Seminar for Military Spouses, reflects on losing a student to gun violence as a former teacher.

Answering the Call

Vets4Warriors, a mostly donations-based phone support program, seeks to end the stigma of vets getting help and the shame of asking for it.

You Have Not Seen The Last Of These Marines

After starting a new chapter in his life, a former corpsman realized the men he lost 20 years before were much more than a memory.