Topic: D-Day

The body of Ernie Pyle was laid to final rest in the new Punchbowl Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Oahu July 19, 1949
Joe Simboli holds a picture of himself in a tank. Photo courtesy of Michele DeMarco.

We Trudged Through an Unknown, Unexperienced Evil—Unaware How That Evil Took Hold in Us

Joseph Simboli Jr., of the 89th Infantry Division, helped liberate Ohrdruf, the first Nazi concentration camp discovered by American forces in April 1945.
A Marine Corps weapons company section sets up their mortar to take communist positions under fire near Chosin Reservoir. Photo by Katie Lange, courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps.

“War Never Changes”—a Marine, a “Hardcore Warrior,” and a Connection Across Generations in Uniform

A World War II soldier and a Marine walk into a bar. Over drinks, the two veterans discuss how to truly return home after war: Never stop serving others.
Lawrence Pugh, Ernest Pugh’s parents, and Ernest Pugh. Photo courtesy of the author.

Things Are Going to Get Hot Before Long. I Hope and Pray I Come Out of It All Right.

I know I am forever grateful for what Ernest Pugh has given me, and he will live in my heart as he did in Dad’s.
A painting by Steve Alpert depicts eight soldiers in uniforms of eight eras.

Life Marches On and Only a Few Hold Onto the Echoes of History

Are we granted quick glances through windows to our pasts? Do we dare allow these things to reach us in this life?