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Rebuilding Honor: How Kyle Carpenter Came Back From The Brink Of Death

Seven years ago this month Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter suffered grievous wounds after shielding another Marine from a grenade blast in Afghanistan. Somehow, he survived. This is the story of his remarkable recovery.

Learning to Breathe Through the Journey of Addiction and PTSD

Heroin allowed Jenny Pacanowski to escape her PTSD in small doses. To get sober she had to deal with her trauma head-on, or accept that she would die.

My Therapy Dog’s Name Is Fern And She Taught Me Gratitude

Anxiety over the military sexual trauma she withstood plagued Rachael Harris when she came home. Her adopted dog, Fern, barreled through those walls.

Reliving Military Sexual Trauma on Her Last Day of Active Duty

Joy Craig hadn't wanted to spend her last morning of active duty reliving sexual assaults, but there she sat in the base NCIS office, talking with an agent.

“The Electric Hurricane”—My Panic Attacks After War Started Slowly

Peter Lucier's first panic attack came on like an electric hurricane, blowing him back years to an IED blast site in Afghanistan.

My Battle Buddy Was Always Smiling Before Losing His War to Suicide

J.P. Lawrence thought he knew his happy-go-lucky friend from deployment until he learned that Belland had struggled with addiction and died by overdose.

Losing Sense Of Self One Suicide At A Time

Gerardo Mena reunites with his Marine brethren to remember another brother lost to suicide. They tell him goodbye — losing one more part of themselves, knowing it could have been one of them.