Topic: Human Rights

How The Marines United Investigation and Scandal Unfolded

Our story begins one day late in January 2017 when a Google Drive containing photographs of service women in various stages of undress was posted in the Facebook group Marines United.

My Afghan Friend Could Be Murdered Soon

Tim Patterson is contacted by his Afghan friend, Zabi, who is in danger of being executed by the Taliban. Will Zabi and his family ever find safety?

Advocates Activated by Marines United Are Gathering Strength

Marines United has resurfaced the Defense Department's "silent epidemic." Advocates are determined not to let the conversation die again.

“We Owned the Night”—a Midnight Raid in Iraq With Screaming Banshees

Augusto Giacoman almost jumped for joy when he was assigned his first midnight raid, but what he saw that night quickly changed his mind.

An Attack From Within: Male Marines Ambush Women In Uniform

The Defense Department is investigating the orchestrated stalking and the deliberate collection, and distribution of photographs of active duty and veteran women. Dozens of victims were identified by their name, rank, and duty station. Our exclusive investigation.

A Centuries-Long Battle to the Ambiguity of War

Read how George Heath examines the questions surrounding the definition of a crime during wartime, which are largely unsettled. In modern warfare combatants dress as civilians and war is waged more covertly than ever.

Reliving Military Sexual Trauma on Her Last Day of Active Duty

Joy Craig hadn't wanted to spend her last morning of active duty reliving sexual assaults, but there she sat in the base NCIS office, talking with an agent.