Topic: Mental Health

Military officials recommend reaching out to people who may be having difficulties and then helping them get to resources, such as the suicide helpline, if they are at risk for suicide. Photo illustration by Joshua J. Seybert, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

‘People Feel Expendable’—Military Could Lower Suicide Rate With Focus on Quality of Life

Eliminating daily stresses such as delayed paychecks could help make service members more resilient to whatever active duty throws at them, experts said.
Thae Ohu stands on a railroad track during Dec. 2018. Courtesy of Michael Hinesley.Courtesy of Michael Hinesley.

Gag Order: How Marine Corps Culture Silenced a Victim of Sexual Assault

A rape victim asked the military for help. Then her fellow Marines turned against her. Now she’s battling mental illness and an attempted murder charge.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has spent billions of dollars on mental health treatment.

The Hardest Thing I Did in the Army Wasn’t Getting Shot At. It Was Asking for Help.

The toxic culture and environment of my unit drove me to suicide as much as any rocket or drone. When I needed help, I was a bitch. A pussy. A coward.
Sarah and Mike Flores before Mike left for Iraq. Photo courtesy of the author.

The War Doesn’t End. But as Long as He Keeps Fighting, I’ll Fight for Him, Too.

Hunched over the table, he speaks of regrets, failures, and thoughts of suicide. It’s good that he can talk to me. He used to keep these thoughts secret.

Second Suicide Battalion: Where Military Justice Weaponizes Mental Health

Rampant disregard for the rights of the accused is not just commonplace, it is deeply entrenched in the military justice system.
Children from a nearby village pose for a photograph in Zharay district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, in 2012. Photo by Spc. Jason Nolte, courtesy of U.S. Army.

“I Screamed Into My Radio to Ignore the Order”—Pardoned Soldier’s Comrade Still Lives With Guilt of Murdered Civilians

When Clint Lorance ordered his men to kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan, the soldiers came home and struggled to assuage their feelings of guilt.

‘Time Heals Old Wounds. So Does a Bottle of Rum’

A father reconnects with his ex-wife during their son’s graduation from Army basic training. “I told her she was a good mother.”

Sharky’s and “The Golden Boy”—Military Justice Abandons the Vulnerable to Protect the Powerful

The Marine Corps has hidden the track records of attorneys whose misconduct and disregard for the rule of law has jeopardized the welfare of Marines.

“The Rabbit Hole Goes Deep”—Marines React to “Black Book” Investigation

In the absence of Marine leadership, active-duty Marines and veterans speak up against a broken justice system, from infantry and attorneys to generals.