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The Country We Loved Didn’t Love Us Back. Maybe This Time Would Be Different.

I remember being taken in by our neighbors, how they embraced my family and introduced us to football, fireworks, and the spirit of America.
Bailey Donahue runs a marathon in honor of her dad alongside Wear Blue in San Antonio, Texas, in December 2021. Photo courtesy of the author.

‘Embrace the Suck’–Life as a Gold Star Child is a Race With No Finish Line

I can’t accept that he’s a few feet away from me, waiting to join a sea of white stones and perfectly cut green grass. I don’t want to walk away.

‘Please Come and Apply’—The PACT Act Is the Largest Expansion of Veteran Benefits in Decades

“We think that there are, roughly, a little over 6.2 million veterans who, we believe, qualify for the PACT Act,” VA Secretary Denis McDonough said.

America Faces a Tidal Wave of Aging Veterans, Including a 237% Increase in Women Over 65 by 2041 

As Vietnam and Gulf War-era veterans age, they bring with them new needs, different expectations for care, and greater diversity than those who came before.

Economic Insecurity for Military Families Predates Pandemic, Inflation

The instability of military families is an economic burden, from lack of support networks to the struggle for spouses to find work in new duty stations.
Retired Capt. John Malfitano, program manager of Onward to Opportunity, center, conducts an orientation session with a group of service members in 2016 at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. The program was created to train and connect transitioning service members and their spouses with employers. Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Bill Dodge, courtesy of the U.S. Navy.

When America’s Economy Is in Turmoil, Veterans Can Step up to Lead the Charge

From cybersecurity to trucking to health care, essential industries—still reeling from pandemic economic instability— benefit from veteran employees.
Members of 5th Special Forces Group (A) conduct .50-caliber weapons training during counter-ISIS operations at Al Tanf garrison in southern Syria in November 2017. Photo by Staff Sgt. Jacob Connor, courtesy of the U.S. Army.

Special Forces Soldiers Reveal First Details of Battle With Russian Mercenaries in Syria

This battle became one of the rare occasions American and Russian combatants exchanged fire—one of the deadliest battles the Americans had faced in Syria.

War Horse Symposium Sheds Light on Vital Role of Military Journalism for Democracy, National Security

“We have to connect [the military] better to society. People need to understand the service,” Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said.

The Ripples of War Are Only Beginning to Spread. Is America Ready?

Twenty years after America invaded Iraq, a veteran and spouse imagines the war’s costs will only grow.