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Public Health Officer 1st Lt. Gyasi J. Mann, right, and Bioenvironmental Engineer Senior Airman Emilio D. Gonzalez, second from right, both with the 108th Medical Group, New Jersey Air National Guard, help homeless veterans choose a pair of reading glasses during Stand Down 2012 at the National Guard Armory in Cherry Hill, Sept. 28, 2012.

VA’s Work to End Veteran Homelessness Is a Nationwide Model. Can It Translate for Civilians?

To date, 83 communities and the states of Connecticut, Delaware, and Virginia have effectively ended veteran homelessness. But can that success translate?
US soldier with machine gun in Battle of Fallujah

The First Battle of Fallujah: ‘We Hurt Ourselves in So Many Ways’

Twenty years on, the battle is viewed as a turning point in the Iraq war, serving as a reminder of the complexities and consequences of modern warfare.
Andrea Goldstein on the deck of a naval ship

Finding Empowerment in Choice, Asking for Help, and the Journey to Build a Family

As I began IVF, I felt grateful, empowered. But I mostly felt angry that VA would have covered my expensive medical procedure had I been married to a man.
“Goodbye, Titid, See You Soon,” mural, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo courtesy of the author.

Witnessing History up Close Felt Significant. But Haiti’s Story Remains Turbulent, Even Tragic.

In 1996, David Fugazzotto witnessed the first peaceful transition of power between Haitian presidents. Today the country is in chaos.
Photo of hands in handcuffs behind the bars of a jail cell.

‘Consequences of War’–Veterans Incarcerated at Higher Rates and Face Longer Sentences

The military does little to prepare soldiers, many of whom have been trained to view violence as a way to solve problems, for civilian life.
A soldier assigned to the Connecticut National Guard stands guard in Hartford, Connecticut, Jan. 17, 2021.

Booted From the Army, He Spiraled. Now He Works to Solve the Veteran Homelessness Crisis.

“Bad paper” military discharges can interfere with a veteran’s ability to receive benefits and health care. Some of those veterans end up unhoused.
President Trump visits the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York, on Aug. 13, 2019.

Trump Sketches Future of US Military—Hunting Cartels, Quelling Unrest, and Immigrant Detention Camps

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has hinted at future military policies should he win the 2024 election, including deploying troops against protestors.
Another Summit, a program based in the Hudson Valley, just north of New York City, offers outdoor adventures for veterans and first responders at no cost to them. Photo courtesy of the author.

A Soldier Found Healing Outdoors. Now He Wants to Break Down Barriers for Others.

Study identifies barriers that might keep nonwhite, disabled, or elderly veterans from participating in outdoor recreation.
A soldier assigned to the Connecticut National Guard stands guard in Hartford, Connecticut, Jan. 17, 2021.

Most Veterans Who Support Extremism Had Negative Military Experiences, Study Finds

The RAND study is the first qualitative analysis seeking to understand how veterans’ experiences may play a role in support for radical ideologies.