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“It’s All Bullshit”: Broken Military Justice System Jeopardizes Trust and Puts Service Members at Risk

Rather than push reform, the Marine Corps closes ranks, girds up to protect a culture that is, itself, its legal system’s worst enemy.
Two Afghan boys play outside a local shura meeting in Shah Wali Kot District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of the author.

An Afghan Boy Saved Lives Helping American Soldiers. It Could Have Cost Him His.

We began to hope that Bashir was the first of many young Afghans to see the benefits of supporting the coalition and the Afghan government by extension.

Sharky’s and “The Golden Boy”—Military Justice Abandons the Vulnerable to Protect the Powerful

The Marine Corps has hidden the track records of attorneys whose misconduct and disregard for the rule of law has jeopardized the welfare of Marines.

“The Rabbit Hole Goes Deep”—Marines React to “Black Book” Investigation

In the absence of Marine leadership, active-duty Marines and veterans speak up against a broken justice system, from infantry and attorneys to generals.
Marines perform during a sunset parade on July 10, 2018. Photo by Lance Cpl. James Bourgeois, courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps.

How “Sugar Daddy Deals” and a “Black Book” Deny Service Members Justice

“At some level, the knowledge that your system is unjust can lead units to fracture. It can directly harm readiness.”

Second Suicide Battalion: Where Military Justice Weaponizes Mental Health

Rampant disregard for the rights of the accused is not just commonplace, it is deeply entrenched in the military justice system.

“A Crisis of Confidence”—After Decades of Failures, VA Sec  Seeks “Game-changers”

“I’m not asking anybody to believe me on anything,” the VA secretary says. “I’m saying I’m here to be held accountable.”

Even Democracy Requires Constant Vigilance From Corrosive Attacks Within

It was a typical day for the guardsmen already used to “weird and crazy” things happening outside the protective bubble they formed around the Capitol. 

“Unwavering, Staggering” Military Spouse Unemployment Could Change After Pandemic

For military spouses, employers’ acknowledgment that workers can be just as productive from home could put an end to giving up careers for the military.