Topic: Reflections

Letters From War and Drawing “The Line Between Respect and Caution”

A former Army soldier grapples with an unresolved confessional to her late mother.
Ia Drang Valley Battle

A Long-Awaited Reunion for Two Black Veterans

An older incarcerated veteran gets a visit from a former combat infantryman that he served with in Vietnam.

Being Hunted by the Sadr City Sniper

There are many moments in war—the surprises, the close calls. A former infantry officer reflects on one that had both.

From One Battle to Another. “A New Fight I Never Expected.”

A gunnery sergeant grapples with his love of deployments during a time when his family needs him at home.

Rage and the Manger

Back from a deployment and triggered by the mundane, a former infantry officer discovers his unprovoked rage. 
Lyman Abbott's Order to Report Letter from the U.S. Army, 1940.

My Father Died Over 60 Years Ago. I Feel That I‘m Just Now Meeting Him

His father served in World War II and remade his life, one that a son is finally discovering.
Hoppin chatting with cadets at the Air Force Academy before a Board of Visitors meeting.

Forced Pivots and Finding Purpose as a Military Spouse

How the founder of the National Military Spouse Network reignited her career after years out of the workforce

Me, Also. A Cobra Pilot’s Story of Military Sexual Assault

After years of silence, a Cobra pilot opens up about her fight to bring her accused rapist to justice.

“Wars Are Real, Bullets Can Kill.”—Recalling the Death of My Invincibility

A Marine officer reflects on his youthful fearlessness—and its end.