Topic: Special Projects

Years Later, Loss at War Resonates at Home

Our global community is and continues to be ever more affected by war. Responsible and constructive conversation is more important than ever.

Echoes Project: Javier Ortiz Rivera

After she heard that her husband had died, Veronica remembers screaming for the Marines and chaplain to leave, but they wouldn’t.

Echoes Project: A World and a Lifetime Ago

The explosion woke Second Lt. Jason Blydell, and he jumped off his cot as his patrol base shook violently. The radio crackled: “Stand by, casualty report... We have one urgent surgical.” Then silence.

Echoes Project: The Homecoming

Veronica didn’t want to be at the airport when the Marines returned home from Afghanistan in April 2011.

A Centuries-Long Battle to the Ambiguity of War

Read how George Heath examines the questions surrounding the definition of a crime during wartime, which are largely unsettled. In modern warfare combatants dress as civilians and war is waged more covertly than ever.

Echoes Project: The Replacement

After Javier’s funeral at Arlington Cemetery, the Marines who were still in Afghanistan tried their best to stay positive for the rest of their deployment.