Topic: Transition

Brother, Forgive Me. “I Cannot Carry the Consequences of This War Alone.”

In Joe, Drew Pham found a supportive peer and guide. One careless act threatened their relationship, forcing Drew to really consider what Joe means to him.

“Beaten Joints”—A Marine Officer Finds Herself On A Cross-Country Run

Maggie Seymour set out on a cross-country run to reconnect with herself and find the ground under her feet. Along the way she found a sense of home.

“One Stinking, Terrifying Hell”—When Soldiers and Butterflies Go to War

Elizabeth O’Herrin found solace in writing about her war, and she wonders and wishes she could ask her grandfather if he felt relief in writing about his.

A Coast Guard Officer Runs Home After A Marathon Of Funerals

Sarah Holzhalb endured a marathon of funerals shortly after separating from the Coast Guard. All these years later, the month of March still sucks.

Learning the Power of Connection and Companionship

David Chrisinger grapples with his guilt about not having served and draws on his own experience of feeling powerless to connect with a friend who did.

“I Thought You’d Be Bigger”—a Soldier and Irish Mist Adrift in the Fog of War

Brendan O’Byrne returned home from the Korengal to a chorus of civilians calling him a hero. For years he’s struggled to define that word for himself.

A Military Family’s Love Thrives or Dies Thanks to the Marine Corps

Nathan Eckman wrote off the idea of having a relationship while he was in the Marine Corps. When he met Emily, the Corps helped forge their relationship.

My Heart, a Fallow Field. A Letter to My Unborn Daughter.

War poisoned his body and threatened his life. To survive, Drew Pham had to lose all chance of fathering a child.

A Marine Officer Visits a Helicopter Crash Site. Nepal Tried to Claim Her Too.

Two years after a helicopter carrying Marines crashed in the Nepali mountains, Marine veteran Teresa Fazio encountered the wilderness that had claimed them.