Writing Seminar for Combat Medics & Corpsmen

Post-Seminar Survey

Remember the worksheet you completed before you arrived and our conversation about what makes success for you as a writer?

This is a survey that helps us make changes and grow our program to better help you be successful. It also helps our partners and funders better understand our impact. We want you to be honest and feel free to express yourself as you rate the performance of our team and your own learnings. This will not affect in any way any future applications or stories you bring to The War Horse.

While the survey is not anonymous, we will not use your responses in reports or publicly without your explicit permission. We will also add you to a mailing list for contributors and participants in The War Horse seminar. Those emails will go out periodically, about four times per year. As time goes on, we will reach out to see how you are doing and hope that we can continue to provide support and space for you to publish your writing.

Post-Seminar Survey

  • Application & Logistics

    We want the process of applying and attending our seminars to be easy so that you can focus on the content.
  • Seminar Content

    In this section, we want you to think about the seminar content. We want as much of it to be effective for as many of you as possible. While we will share this feedback with individuals, we will not identify you, so please be candid with us. Our goal is to help you write and tell your stories. But we also want you to be safe and healthy.
  • The Instructor

  • Guest Speakers

    Now, please rate our four guest speakers and the newsroom tour on a similar scale.
  • The Venue

  • The Impact of the Seminar

    Think back to when you filled out the first workshop about your writing life. Would you have agreed with the following statements before this experience? What about now, after you have met the cohort and gone through the workshop?
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete the post-seminar survey.  Your feedback is very important to us.