Topic: COVID-19 in the Military

Melissa A. Sullivan and her spouse, an active-duty Naval officer, on their wedding day. Photo courtesy of the author.

Our Love Was a Casualty of War, Destroyed by Time, Distance, and Things We Couldn’t Say

When Melissa A. Sullivan’s high school sweetheart went to war, he came home dramatically changed — and she believed it was her job to make him better.

The Dangers of the Marine Corps’ Complacency About Covid-19

Is the Marine Corps taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously enough?
Master Sgt. Darryl Sterling, 332nd Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron equipment manager, throws trash into a burn pit at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, in 2008. Photo by Senior Airman Julianne Showalter, courtesy U.S. Air Force.

“It’s so inaccurate”—How the VA Is Failing to Track Veterans Burn Pit Claims

VA figures show an astonishingly low rate of approval of burn pit claims: Of the 10,588 claims, 2,360 veterans had their benefits granted and 8,228 were denied.
Naylon on an operation in a village outside of Bagram, Afghanistan, 2014. Photo credit: Spc. Jamill Ford for U.S. Army

Leaders Are Forged as a Rocket Falls

In a time of crisis, initiative trumps authority when authority fails to lead.