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More Than 40% of Troops Face Limited or No Access to Abortion Care, Study Shows

Even before the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, abortion care for military women was extremely limited.
Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. Sam Castro; his wife, Liz; and their two sons, Enrique and Vicente. Photo by Trish Alegre-Smith, courtesy of SoYourLife Photography.

“Don’t Go Here. They’ll Kill You.”—LGBTQ Troops, Families Face Mounting Discrimination With New Laws

“Service members should not have to choose between serving their country and protecting and serving their family.”

“Proudly She Served”–Their Tragedies and Triumphs Taught Me What True Courage Is

Hearing their stories and then telling their stories in paint made me stand a little taller and gave me confidence to take on more challenging projects.

“The Rabbit Hole Goes Deep”—Marines React to “Black Book” Investigation

In the absence of Marine leadership, active-duty Marines and veterans speak up against a broken justice system, from infantry and attorneys to generals.

“Quietly Heroic”—Journalist Returns to Ukraine with American Veterans to Help Her People

There’s a long legacy of women fighting in wars, and they’re always welcome behind the scope of a rifle pointing at Russian invaders.
Marines perform during a sunset parade on July 10, 2018. Photo by Lance Cpl. James Bourgeois, courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps.

How “Sugar Daddy Deals” and a “Black Book” Deny Service Members Justice

“At some level, the knowledge that your system is unjust can lead units to fracture. It can directly harm readiness.”
Elaine Little with two Afghan girls she met in Asadabad, Afghanistan, in 2005. Photo courtesy of the author.

“She Had Suffered Enough”–I Feel for All the Afghan People, but Especially the Women

I will never forget the women I met in Afghanistan: a local woman’s leader, a suspected terrorist unjustly imprisoned, the Afghan girls in my photo.
Sean Paul, left, and his gunner charcoaled their faces as Iraq launched scud missiles just after U.S. troops crossed the border. Troops used charcoal as a way to absorb any chemical agents as they donned their gas masks. Photo courtesy of the author.

Note to Self: When They Come for You in the Night, Don’t Give Up. Fight Back. 

Through it all—the good and the bad—always remember you will achieve your goal. Keep your chin up, endure, and always remember: It will be OK.

War Horse Managing Editor Recognized by VA Secretary for Toxic Exposure Reporting

“Kelly told the human stories of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and families who were suffering, so we as a nation would not, and could not, forget.”