Topic: Military Families

Larry Freeland stands in front of his CH-47 Chinook during the Vietnam War. Photo courtesy of the author.

“I’m Lucky to Be Alive Tonight”–Journals of War and Peace From Two Sides of the World

I didn’t want to unduly burden my family. Journalizing late into my evenings helped me to occasionally relax and release some stress.

I Finally Understood That This Thing We Call War Is Real and Hurts People

Realizing war causes pain and suffering to those brave enough to face it, I felt shock and empathy for all those in service.
Lisa Torem’s father played in the U.S. Army band. Photo courtesy of the author.

After Dad Died, I Cleaned Out the Garage. That’s When I Saw the Rusty Metal Box.

Inside the box, I found a folded-up, yellowed newspaper with a headline in bold print that read, “The War is Over!” and a set of dog tags.

Things Are Going to Get Hot Before Long. I Hope and Pray I Come Out of It All Right.

I know I am forever grateful for what Ernest Pugh has given me, and he will live in my heart as he did in Dad’s.

Sharky’s and “The Golden Boy”—Military Justice Abandons the Vulnerable to Protect the Powerful

The Marine Corps has hidden the track records of attorneys whose misconduct and disregard for the rule of law has jeopardized the welfare of Marines.
David Rich, left, takes a selfie with his son, Noah Rich. Photo courtesy of the author.

“War Is Indefinable”–For Some, War Is Combat. But It’s Not That Simple.

For a long time, I thought military service fit on one of two sides of a coin. It was either war, meaning combat and fighting, or it wasn’t.
Navy Fire Control Technician 1st Class Quincy Miller embraces his family after the fast-attack submarine USS Texas arrived home after a seven-month deployment. Photo by Chief Mass Communication Spc. Amanda Gray, photo courtesy of the U.S. Navy.

The Threat of War Is Shifting, and We Intend to Win. But It Will Come at a Cost.

The costs will be time. We will have precious little of it with our sailors. The costs are real people and real families.

“Unwavering, Staggering” Military Spouse Unemployment Could Change After Pandemic

For military spouses, employers’ acknowledgment that workers can be just as productive from home could put an end to giving up careers for the military.

Second Suicide Battalion: Where Military Justice Weaponizes Mental Health

Rampant disregard for the rights of the accused is not just commonplace, it is deeply entrenched in the military justice system.