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Our award-winning team makes war personal by educating our readers about war and its impact.


The War Horse Publishes Writing Seminar Anthology

Our most recent Writing Seminar for Medics and Corpsmen brought together a dozen veterans to help find and shape their stories. These are their reflections. 

Transformative. Rejuvenating. Inspirational.

The War Horse’s Writing Seminars ensure those most affected by war have the chance to share their stories and have a voice in the national conversation.

2019 audience survey The War Horse

Informative. Honest. Fearless.

The War Horse’s 2019 Audience Survey Results

More than 250 readers shared valuable insights that will inform our strategy and the topics our newsroom explores. We wanted to share the results.

The War Horse Creates Writing Seminar Program

In December 2018, our War Horse Fellows Program was highlighted by The Lenfest Institute, a leading organization on innovation and sustainability in journalism.

As the ‘Forever War’ Drags On, Veterans Bring Battlefield Knowledge to the Newsroom

In March 2018, The War Horse was featured by Columbia Journalism Review for our team’s work addressing the decline in military coverage at for-profit and non-profit media organizations.

Inside the Nude Photo Scandal That Rocked The Marine Corps

The War Horse was the first to report on the hundreds of Marines using social media to solicit and share naked photos of female service members and veterans.


The Impact of Our Reporting About Marines United

The War Horse and Reveal broke the Marines United nude photo scandal March 4, 2017. The U.S. Marines Corps and Navy leadership and Congressional politicians responded quickly to the scandal in the weeks following publication.